I’m a writer, a tinkerer, a gamer, and an all purpose geek. I’ve been in the business world for longer than I care to think about and writing fiction and non-fiction for longer than that.

A lot of writers know from an early age that that’s what they want to be. I’m not one of them. Somewhere along the way I managed to internalize the message that science and business were my only options and anything to do with the arts was off limits to me. But of course, being me, I wrote anyway. Writing is just what I do and have pretty much always done, but only in recent years have I realized that a writer is what I am, too.

I write romance. Even when I’m not deliberately writing romance, that’s what it inevitably turns into. And when I read, that’s what I instinctively look for, no matter how far afield from the romance genre I’m reading at that moment. Which probably says something about my world view, come to think of it.

Although I can truthfully say I write science fiction and fantasy, just to seem all respectable-like to those who wouldn’t be caught dead reading romance, there’s gonna be romance in it. If I can’t have one character completely miserable and hormonal and whatever else about another one, my brain starts to wonder why the hell I’m bothering. 🙂